Quality Shell Lime Powder

We are providing the quality products on shell lime stone powder from Cuddalore to all over Tamilnadu.

Shell Lime Stone

Lime shell is an important raw-material in various industries such as pulp making, bleaching, pharmaceuticals, leather tanning, shell grit and lime manufacturing. In agriculture it is used as manure for eradicating oil acidity. This is used as pesticides and poultry feed. Lime shells were burnt merely for mortar and plaster in building works and as manure in plantation.

It is vastly used in paper mills, rayon fiber manufacturing industries, calcium carbide manufacturing industries, poultry feed, animal feed, white cement manufacturing etc. Chemical analysis of the lime shell extracted shows that it is of high grade, with caco3 content between 93 to 98%, sand silica between 0.12.1. To 0.21.1persent and fc203 is between 0.08.1 to 0.350persent.